First Generation - Maria Elena Garcia (Grandmother)

Born- January 13, 1935 in Chihuahua, Mexico

Death- October 21, 2009 in Goodyear, Arizona

Moved to Agua Prieta when she was 26 years old where she meet my grandpa.

Located in northern Mexico and sharing an extensive border with the United States, Chihuahua is Mexico’s largest state.

Chihuahua was found in 1707.

Chihuahua is also the world's fifth oil company.

Second Generation - Lucila Garcia (Mother)

Born - July 13, 1965  in Chihuahua, Mexico

Moved to Agua Prieta when she was 13th.

Moved to Phoenix when she was 23 years old.

Had four children two boys and two girls.

Third Generation (Jesus Osuna) Brother

Born- July 2, 1989 in Phoenix,Arizona

Moved to Flagstaff in 2006 to attend the Northern Arizona University.

Moved back to phoenix in 2009, said school was not for him.

In 2011 he open his own Tax business, then in 2014 he bought his first house.

My Timeline

1993- Iremy Jesslu Osuna born February 24th 1993.

2007- Was in a horrible car accident.

2011- Moved to Tucson,Arizona to attend the University of Arizona.

2013- Had my little girl Ariel elena Garcia.

2014- Moved back to Phoenix,Arizona.

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Chihuahua, Mexico is one of the largest states