" Black JAck " Ketchum
By : Kevie't McCoy

His Cowboy name is Black Jack " Ketchum " . He was born October 31st, 1863 . He died from being hanged . Black Jack wasn't married . He didn't have any kids. Black Jack had an reputation of murder . Tom Ketchum's first major crime was the murder of John N. "Jap" Powers, a neighbor in Tom Green County, Texas. Powers was shot down on December 12, 1895, by several men including Black Jack. He was in a gang called ketchum gang . Thomas was a cowboy before his reputation . Him and his brothers were both cowboys. His older brother was called Berry Jr. His first murder was John N powers . They shot him on December 12th , 1895. Him and his brother quit their jobs later on and stole some supplies. They moved later on in life including hike friends that were in the gang , they moved to Arizona

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3 years ago

Black Jack real birth name is Thomas Edward Ketchum