Characterization:Clarisse McClellan

Mysterious, young woman.

Indirectly: Curiousity

Clarisse McClellan is characterized as indirectly curious in "Fahrenheit 451". One example is how Clarisse has a fascination with the past and is curious with everything. She always is asking questions and because of it she is considered an "outcast to society". Clarisse Montag grows fond of her and enjoys talking to her. This is indirect characterization because the story do not directly tell how Clarisse is curious but we can gather that she is a very curious character.

Directly: Odd

Clarisse McClellan is described directly as odd. One example of this is when Montag and Clarisse are walking and talking. after Montag stops laughing at something Clarisse had said, he replies " You are an odd one,". (page 8, paragraph 7) This is direct characterization because Montag, another charater says it in the story. The audience doesn't need to pick up the imformation themsleves.

Bradbury, Ray. " Fahrenheit 451." California: Los Angeles, 1953. Page 8, Paragraph 7.

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4 months ago

IMO, the indirect characterization is proven wrong when Beatty says that she wanted to know why things worked and happened