Be Safe Online  BY:Deyci

1: NEVER EVER give out your password only your parents should now nobody else should know after that because they might do something to your things or say something to your friends that might not be true so NEVER give your password out.

2: If someone texts you something rude online or makes you feel uncomfortable go right away to your parents or you can also tell a teacher you trust.

3:Be careful on who you chat with online only be friends with people you know because if you are friends with someone you do not know it might not be the person you think who is in the picture.                                                                 

4: Never meet with someone you do not know in real life.If they ask you to meet up with them tell your parents right away and tell them what has been going on.

5: Never post any pictures or videos with out parents permission. Also make sure they know what you do online always and let them see what you do.                                                                                   

5 Tips To Be Safe!!!!

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