The White House

    The White House has been home to many of our Nation's Presidents. There are approximately 132 rooms in the residence including 35 bathrooms,6 levels,412 doors,147 windows,28 fireplaces,8 staircases,and 3 elevators.The construction of the White house began in in 1792 and was finished in 1800, but the house as burnt down in 1814 by the British.

In the Picture above you will see the north and south ends of the residence.Inside The White House you have the west wing and  east wing where you can actually take a tour. Click the button below and it will take you to a website about tours.

The East Wing of the White House

     Above in the picture, you will see the whole East wing. The East wing includes: Diplomatic Reception Room,Vermeil Room,China Room,Map Room East Room Northeast Gate Red Room Entrance and Cross Halls,Blue Room, State Dining Room,South Portico,Green Room,The Library,Visitor Entrance, Garden Room,Lobby,White House Theater,and a long corridor connecting the East Wing to the rest of the residence.

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West Wing Of the White House

In the Picture above you will see the West Wing Of the White House. This area of the White house includes Offices, Briefing Room,and The Oval Office.