Character: Beatty

complex character

Indirectly: Paradox

Caption Beatty is a indirectly characterized as paradox in "Fahrenheit 451." One example of this is that Beatty is the head fireman, but knows more about books than anyone else. He burns them with a passion, but quotes them like nothing. In the book when he gave a speech to Montag, it was full of biblical references. “You think you can walk on water with your books,” he says to Montag. He even mentions the Greek myth of Icarus. In this story it doesn't tell that is a paradox character but with all the clues it adds up.

Directly: influentail

Captain Beatty was directly characterized as influential. One example of this is when Beatty gives Montag a speech threw pages 58-61. In this speech he was explaining the history of the firemen and that every fireman goes threw guilt and sorrow t some point in time. The reason why he is directly characterized as influential is because he knew a lot about being a fireman and about books.

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