My Favorite Things:
My Favorite Class Is:

My favorite class is math because i like solving equations mentally especially. I like the challenge especially when I don't understand or know what i am doing and get it right.

My Favorite Food Is:

My favorite food is a cheddar bacon cheese burger with seasoned salt cheese fries. I like bacon period and I love cheese fries and that is the greatest combination ever.

My Favorite Book Is:

My favorite book is diary of a wimpy kid bad luck. It relates to alot of my experiencs being the young brother. How he is picked on for being short and skinny but then how you can turn bad moments into fun adventures.

My Favorite Movie Is:

My favorite movie ever was The Avengers. This was the best movie ever. They had all my favorite superheros and villains and it was a fight to the death. It was awesome.

My Favorite Band Is:

My favorite band is YMCMB. It is rap music that includes drake, lil wayne, Nicki Minaj and etc. I like others but cant remember it.

My Favorite Hobbies Are:

My favorite hobbies are math, engineering, basketball and video games. I like playing sports and being active so i can stay fit. I love video games like any other teenager boy especially sports and shooting games. I love math which helps explain why i love engineering.

Anything Else Special:

I like hanging with my friends and visiting family members. I like watching youtube and excelling in whatever i do. I try my best. Not all the time but most of the time. I love watching tv espically

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