Sinan's Personal Values

my family

my family is the love of my life and they are important to me because I been with them since I born and I love them so much spicily my mom because she be encouraging me about everything I do.

my friends

my friends are really important to me because they be helping me a lot with problems I have and they mean everything  to me and I love them because they are real friends.

my education

i love to get more education because education is important in life.

playing soccer

soccer is my favorit sport I love to play it since I was 6 years old and am hoping to be a soccer player in the future.

graduating from school

I hope to graduate from school and get my diploma because my diploma is really important to me because it will determine my future.

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Sinan, fantastic work! You gave me five clear values, examples, and wonderful explanations for each. Good job!