5 American Brands That Are Crazy Popular in East Asia

American products don't always have to be limited to being popular in America. Asia, for example, has adopted some of American brands such as Kraft Cheese, KFC, Coca-Cola, Snickers, and plenty more. So here are 5 American Brands That Are Crazy Popular in East Asia.


Kit-Kats did not originate from America (originated in the UK), but one of the two owners of this brand, The Hershey Company, is located in Pennsylvania, which has to count for something right? The Hershey company distributes this chocolate all over the U.S. and we've only been accustomed the big, bigger, and even bigger size of the chocolate, but Japan has taken it to a whole different level. They have over 80 flavors. These flavors range from strawberry cheesecake to "Intense Roast Soy Bean".


Back in early 2014, Starbucks announced to open an additional 750 Starbucks location by the end of 2014 and 1,500 by 2015. On an attempt to make the most out of this rapid growth, Starbucks also announced plans to open 100 new stores each in Malaysia and the Philippines over the next four years, as well as additional locations in Thailand. At some point in 2015, China is expected to replace Canada as the second largest Starbucks market by store count.


The 7-Eleven craze is getting out of hand in Japan. Japan has more 7-Eleven stores than any other country with 17,009 stores all over the country and 2,246 stores in Tokyo alone! This isn't just in Japan, however, as many Asian countries adopted this American convenience store.


With the Chinese basketball sensation Yao Ming entering the NBA back in 2002, the league's popularity grew big in China. After his NBA arrival, the league began offering All-Star ballots in English, Spanish, and Chinese. In Yao Ming's rookie season, he became a starter for the 2003 NBA All-Star game, surpassing Shaquille O'Neal, who was coming off three consecutive NBA Finals MVP awards, in votes by nearly a quarter million votes, with a mass majority of those votes coming from China. Since then, most of China has been a pretty big NBA fan.


Apple was a big success in China as the demand for its latest iPhone propelled to a 70 percent on-year rise in revenue. Apple generated $16.1 billion in revenue from Greater China, which includes China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan  in the three months to December 2014 alone! The region accounted for 22% of Apple's overall revenues. Apple will continue to generate a big revenue from the China area for years to come.