5 Dated Design Philosophies You Shouldn’t Touch With a Barge Pole In 2015

Can’t keep people on your website for more than 10 seconds? It must be the dated design that just irks visitors to no end, or perhaps your site has lost all appeal that it had 5 years ago. If that is the case, it’s time for you to rethink your online presence and redesign the entire experience, and when you do that be sure not to be tempted by any of these designing trends if you value your time & money.

Images are that just images

2015 is the year that saw the world’s love for big, bright, expressive images culminate into de-facto way of making websites. At a time when your competitors are spending a good chunk of their web designing revenue on buying professionally-captured images, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on stock images. Spend money on images that compliment your story. Don’t have the time to go photo hunting? No worries, web solutions companies in Delhi will help you get some good ones for you. All you are left to do is pick images you like and pay for it.

Nauseatingly page-packed designs

No one wants to see a page that’s packed to the brim and edges in design elements. The concept of whitespace is there for a reason. If you have tons of data to present, have additional pages for them. Your viewers have the option of clicking away to a different website that gives them what they want without making them dizzy. Being miserly with space on web pages isn’t the smartest thing to do, particularly when you are redesigning your old website in 2015.

Musical Intros and background scores

It’s your website we are talking about; don’t make it double-work for you. If you want something cinematographic, get a video made and have it placed somewhere convenient. Sounds playing in the background or really flashy flash intros aren’t how you are going to get visitors to stay. Ditch the fancy stuff and focus on information and a pure experience.

Mobile-blind websites

If you are redesigning a website in 2015 and you insisted on having a mobile agnostic design, you better use the web designing money for something else. Not only has the whole world gone mobile-first with their websites, search engines are actually penalizing websites for not making it easy for mobile device users to use your website.

Y2K Design elements

Oh how exciting were those times when the whole world was going buggy eyed about new tech and the internet. Tim Berners Lee and the internet were still fresh in everyone’s head and websites used to be saturated with wild creativity, all of which wasn’t aesthetically appealing of course. Back then, e-commerce was more of a concept than a reality and competition among e-retailers wasn’t known of. So users didn’t mind seeing green text on yellow backgrounds or bevelled texts. Try that now and may your website rest in peace!

Author Bio: No Digital Agency in Delhi will suggest you a dated design but sometimes you may mistakenly insist on incorporating an element that has gone out of fashion a decade ago. Find out what’s new in web designing and incorporate the best in your new design.