5 Free Tech Tools for
Parent-Teacher Conference Success

It’s parent-teacher conference season - embrace the digital age with these 5 free tech tools that make it easier to sign up, remind and engage class parents!

Make it a successful parent-teacher conference.


Skip the notes home and email chains this year, quickly schedule parent-teacher conference appointments with free, online sign-up calendars. VolunteerSpot’s quick shift scheduler makes it easy to plan a day (or week) of conferences with a few clicks. Parents can choose their conference time 24/7 from any device, filling the majority of spots within hours. Automated reminders and e-calendar sync helps even the busiest parents remember when it’s time for their conference.


Create a Tackk to distribute conference information and sign up links. Include check lists about what parents can expect at their conference, the agenda, and good questions to ask. Tackk is also a terrific place to post grade-appropriate resources for reinforcing learning at home such as educational games, websites, videos and apps.

Google Drive

Help students create a portfolio folder on Google Drive to store samples of their work
including photos or videos of any projects that aren’t already digitized. When you meet with parents, show them representative pieces during the conference, and share their student’s portfolio link after.


Busy work and family obligations can make it difficult for many parents to actually make it to campus to attend their conference. Overcome the distance with Skype’s free video conferencing platform and virtually connect with class parents during their meeting time (Google Hangout and FaceTime also work great!).


Using this simple slide animation software, have students create a short video welcoming parents, giving them a tour of the classroom and showcasing a ‘day in their life’ at school. Have a device available to show the video to parents waiting for their conference turn. (Educators get a free pro account here)