5 Fresh Tips 4 My Fav Freshman

1. Directions

Business school is approximately .8 miles away from your dorm. Best route to take is through south oval into main oval (a.k.a. oval beach). Stay central because when you leave the oval and walk about 4 streets down through campus, the buildings will be right there. I recommend buying an umbrella you can store somewhere in your book-bag just in case. It rains so much more than you would think and at the most random times.

Where you live

Where you walk to

2. Fisher

At first, the business school is kind of intimidating. Being 32nd in the country, we have rather hard classes and stern professors. But hey, you wouldn't be directly admitted if you couldn't handle it. I LOVE FISHER. Silent computer labs, its own Cafe, quiet study areas, hot guys in suits always walking around, and a beautiful courtyard. Feels like home to me.

3. Oval Beach

Oval beach is only active the first two months of the school year and the last month because of the crappy ohio weather. Get out there as much as you can in those months because, man, is it nice reading your assigned chapters while peaking at those fit, frat guys throwing the football around shirtless. Don't bring tons of loose papers unless you want to be that girl chasing her syllabus around the the oval when the wind picks up. Just bring a blanket, a diet coke, a textbook and enjoy your freedom.

4. Food

The dining halls really aren't that bad if you rotate where you go. Spend the nice fall days going to places farther away from your dorm like Burrito on north campus or Oxleys in the number garden because in the winter you will go to the closest place possible. South campus food was actually my favorite though. Top three places: Marketplace, Woodys in the Union and Mirror Lake Creamery.



Mirror Lake Creamery

5. Friends

Socially, OSU is one, big pool of greek life, asians and jocks with their groupies. Whatever you end up joining, be yourself! Guaranteed, those friends you make will become lifers (my business frat = my best friends). Also, don't be afraid to join multiple intramural teams. They are so much fun! Find friends/acquaintances in harder classes so that you can someone to text when you are stumped.

See you soon!