5 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Important For Any Business

1. It’s cheaper than getting new customers

Getting new customers costs about 5 times more then keeping your existing ones. If your business is still in the start-up phase, keeping every customer you can get your hands on is a must. When ever you need to find a new customer, you need to spend money on finding them, marketing to them – multiple times – and after all that they might buy from you. If you just spend a little more time focusing on solving your existing customers’ problems you wouldn’t have all these costs.

2. It creates recurring business

The better you treat your customers the more they will buy from you. They will look to you whenever they have a problem you can solve. It makes you the first choice.

3. Good advertising

Good customer service is so rare that whenever it right you get a massive amount of free advertising. People will start sharing their experiences with their friends thus creating new customers. People on average share good experiences with 5-6 friends. Double that number when it comes to bad news.

4. More customers

Since you’ll be keeping existing customers there are going to be more customers coming in then are going out. You’re growing you business and you’ll be making more money in no time.

5. New business opportunities

Great customer service is about listening. Listening to what your customers have to say. It can be good, sometimes they’ll compliment you on your service. Other times people will complain and have some “interesting” views on you customer service. Don’t look at this in the wrong way. They are not trying to hurt your feelings. They want to see some things changed. If you listen closely you ‘re going to discover new business opportunities, problems people have that you can solve.

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