5 tips to create better content on Tackk .

Let's face it, most people create content on the web today to get seen. Whether you're sharing with friends, family, your network, or all three, the goal is still the same: create easily digestible content that's compelling and valuable. And with so much content out there, it better be awesome.

Here are five tips for making really great content on Tackk.

Tip #1: Craft compelling headlines

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When someone is browsing Tackk, or even your profile, what's going to get them to click on your Tackk? 1- your thumbnail photo (see #4 below) and 2- your headline.

The above equation is solid for crafting a compelling headline. Always include one on your Tackk.

*Note: if you don't want your headline to appear on the Tackk itself, add it under 'Customize Title' in your Tackk options (4th tab in editor) so search engines pick it up.

Tip #2: Keep text short & sweet

One good rule of thumb for writing content: always go back and get rid of stuff you don't need. In a world of 140 character posts and texts, people are used to consuming short snippets of information. What could you say with five words that you said with eight?

Use these tips to help shorten copy (while still maintaining its value):

  • Use bullets: easy to read, short sentences
  • Hyperlink: want more explanation on something? Link to it so it doesn't clutter your Tackk. Keep your Tackk focused on one subject if possible.
  • Add captions to photos: instead of writing out long sentences, add captions to photos.
  • Replace text with headlines: use the smallest headline option to write copy instead of text.

Tip #3: Use buttons

What's the main call to action on your Tackk? Use buttons to help encourage people to actually take that action. Here are a few examples of simple buttons to add:

  • Click to tweet button: make Twitter sharing easy
  • Add to calendar button: make 'saving the date' easy
  • Read more button: increase click-thrus to your website with teaser posts

Tip #4: Add visuals

Photos & video

Posts including photos or video receive 3 to 4 times more engagement versus those that don’t. That applies to just about every piece of content you create, so listen up.

Add photos and video to your Tackk to help tell your story. It's easy to do, and will make your Tackk much easier to browse and digest.

*Note: The first photo in your Tackk will appear as your thumbnail.


Give readers even more visual content by embedding outside media into your Tackk. We support over 250 content providers that look great inside your Tackk.

Tweets are examples of one type of media that you can embed, and with a photo included, it's much more compelling.

Tip #5: Share content on the right social channel

When your Tackk is ready to share, decide which social channel makes sense to post to. A big no-no in content marketing is posting the same content everywhere. Here are some examples of where it might make sense to post specific types of content:

Share on the right social channel for your content.

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