5 Vital Terms To Know In Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has recently gripped the minds of several system architects and CTOs around the world. Its versatile mode of operation is known to simplify several business transactions. Moreover, it provides easy scalability options, which can be tuned easily on demand, to match the requirements of different business processes.

If you are new to this evolving world of cloud computing and are little confused with its unconventional terminology, then take a look at these 5 commonly used terms, which define major entities of this new technology.

  • SaaS

It is an acronym for Software as a Service. SaaS represents all the cloud applications, which are executed using the internet. These applications need not be installed on the local machine or OS. They can run on any machine as their working logic is hosted on the server side.

  • PaaS

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, and its basic function is to provide a virtual OS-like environment for running and deploying cloud applications. Several operating systems and services can be provided using this architecture.

  • IaaS

IaaS is an abbreviation for Infrastructure as a Service. Its basic objective is to provide virtual computing resources like storage, servers, and hardware and networking components to the cloud users. Using IaaS, companies can easily scale up their hardware and computing requirements.

  • Datacenter

This is a place where computing equipment and hardware elements of the cloud are housed. They are known to store user data and are completely secure at physical and digital level. They have special power-backup and failure recovery provisions to avoid data loss or corruption.

  • SLA

It stands for Service Level Agreement, which is a contract between two or more parties and includes the summary of services provided.

These are the top five terms, which you will frequently come across in the world of cloud computing.