10 Beautiful Places

That you should visit these places at least once in your life.

Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park

Wouldn't you just love to stand right where this photographer is right now. Be able to feel the cool breeze, hear the birds chirp, and hear the rush of the waterfall as it crashes onto the rocks. This picture gives me chills just looking at it.

Very Colorful City In Italy

MaMaMia! I think Skittles were made here. Just to be surrounded by all the vibrant colors would be very fun. This place in Italy looks calm and doesn't seem very crowded, I mean really the point of a vacation is to relax and be away from your normal life. When you take a chaotic trip with people bustling by and everyone talking at once it's usually stressful, planning the trip is already hard enough.   

Fall In New Hampshire

Whoa. This looks like a scene straight out of a movie. Imagine the smell of freshly baked bread coming right of that house or the wind rushing by you like a race car. Just to spend a day walking through the forest would be great, it looks like somebody put a brightly colored blanket on a lumpy uneven bed. To have a clear blue sky dangling over your head and specs of brightly colored grass under your feet would be the best vacation.

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

This beautiful seaside lighthouse with a cozy looking house sitting right next to it, is the perfect get away. This wildlife refuge is located towards the tip of Alaska and it's covered with wolves, caribou and of course baby porcupines a long with their families. I would love to sit on the edge of one of the tall rocks and dangle my feet over the edge,only to feel the cool water splash up against them.  

Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Apache County, Arizona

This looks like a very elaborate piece of land with many jagged rocks, hundreds of twisted paths, and trees low to the ground. Despite the mammoth sized rocks this place is one of natures true gifts. Over millions of years the Earth has formed these beautiful canyons and we should embrace them before humans destroy them completely.    

Angkor-wat Vishnu Temple, Cambodia

Inside this beautiful temple has entrances covered with the roots of trees. This temple was man made but over time trees have covered some of the temple. The temple was dedicated to Ta Reach. Inside the temple there of grand statues of Ta Reach.   

Hamilton Pool in Austin, Texas

This is beautiful one of a kind historic swimming holes. In Austin, Texas it gets very hot, therefore this swimming hole gets crowded fast. Sometimes on especially warm days the hole gets so crowded the lifeguards have to turn people away for the safety of others. But it's very fun!

The Taj Mahal In India

The Taj Mahal is a made up of almost all dazzling white marble. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan ordered for this gorgeous beautiful work of art to be made for his third wife and her tomb in 1632. The Taj Mahal attracts about 3 million people a year. There is great mystery and beauty to this old but beautiful structure.


This is a very ravishing mountain looking over a crystal blue lake. The lemon colored leaves on the trees give the landscape a splendid pop. In Canada there are many mountains and rivers, but the yellow leaves on this landscape are very attractive.   

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Bonjour! This is very iconic picture for the word beautiful, but it truly is. The Eiffel Tower was built for a world fair and ever since then it has attracted thousands of people every year. The lake with the vibrant green grass on the side is very pleasing. The tower scrapes the sky and makes your head go all the way back to look all the way up.