Jamal Edwards

SB.TV also known as SmokerBarz Television is a multifaceted company owned by a group of young teenagers based on web-based viral content at different music based events. He started of by creating normal YouTube videos which began to go viral, then he began to record others in his YouTube channel. His channel began to get famous and started to be popular, then he started his own company called SB.TV, he also started to working with famous artist such as Dizze Rascal, Wiley and Tinchy Stryder.

Broadcast: SBTV continue to broadcast video whether for music, freestyle, acoustic, interviews or any other categories within youth culture. All of the company's content is displayed on their YouTube channel. This content is solely produced by SBTV. The company also uses social networking extensively to interact with viewers through which new blog and news articles are published.

Production: Just like broadcasting, SBTV has always produced its own content and have developed new techniques over time. Most of the content is shot in fast and agile situations to deliver an enticing perspective for the viewer. Among the videos that are shot, produced and directed by SBTV are music videos, documentaries and SBTV event material.

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