Impact of Technology

The World at Our Fingertips

The global impact

The impact that technology has on the country is immense. It is both positive and negative. Technology has largely influenced every aspect of living. Our country is becoming more efficient and advanced, but people are basically relying on technology for everything. 

Changes occurring in businesses

In some businesses they are allowing more technology. Business owners have realized how much easier using technology really is. It is expensive finding the correct applications to use for businesses. Now fast food restaurants even use technology to take orders, so to be able to work anywhere you need to know how to use technology.

Advantages to the newer technology

A few advantages to newer technology is that you can send information faster and easier using emails, social media, and blogs. Technology is helping global health in hospitals tremendously; healthcare facilities are using social media to reach patients across the world. technology improves education by providing numerous ways of accessing information.

More risks or advantages?

Technology is equal with pros and cons. Technology helps make the Earth a better place by connecting smoothly across the globe, but it creates less physical involvement. Technology helps find vaccines, or cures for many illnesses.  Kids spend less time outside and more time on the computer, but it helps there education by easily accessing information...

Changing the world

Technology is changing the world because people are using technology all the time. People use technology for school, work, even at home. Social media makes it easy to connect to people anywhere across the world. Doctors use the internet as a main resource for cures and reaching out to patients. Teachers use technology for information and skillful tools for education.

Changes in the past few years

A couple changes in the past few years have been apps. There are apps for games, social media, and directions. Cameras have changed from getting film developed to printing it straight off your computer. Cell phones are now used by more than 85 % of the U.S Population and for some have replaced land lines entirely. Connectivity has changed due to technology; If someone was to text you the expect you to answer that day.

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