IOS Apps For Mobile learning!

App no. 1

The first App which I found for Mobile learning was Doodlecast Pro Video Whiteboard this is a terrific way for students to put together presentations on their mobile device. Application records sound as you draw. Allows you to take photos and quick annotate them. And features a rewind function which makes for easy correction of mistakes. It has a cost of about 4.99 but the flexibility of being able to have students create presentations as they complete a science experiment or other project is well worth the cost in my opinion.

What can it be used for?:  Students could create a living journal of a experiment or field trip showing what they have learned. Then share it with their peers or teacher.

Check out this video that shows a little of what can be done:

App no. 2

The Next app for mobile learning I found was Cambridge Verbal Phrases Machine. This App uses animation and touch mechanics to help students match appropriate phrases too actions. And identify verbs and prepositions. It is free and easy to use, students will find it fun to make and match phrases with this tool and may not even realize they are learning.

What can it be used for?: a student who has difficulty understanding sentence structure, or an ESL student who needs help with language and understanding.

Here is a link to the site which explains all about the app!

App no. 3

who wouldn't want to be a comic book hero? I found an app called 'Strip designer' which allows you too turn your photos into comic books. The user can choose dialog bubbles, action sounds, and images to make a presentation or story come alive!

What can it be used for?: students could be much more engaged in creating presentations of their work with all of the options and colourful format. I could also see using it for creative writing passages. Or with students who have difficulty writing or lack of interest. Students could also re-create scenes from history in comic book format for a social studies lesson the uses are many and varied.

Here' s a link to the Apple store where the app is described in more detail and with pictures!

App no. 4

What's better than zombies? zombie pirates! What's better than zombie pirates? zombie pirates that teach grammar! The App 'Zombie Grammar Force' has all this and more! The app has students match words with parts of speech like adjective's or nouns in order to remove cloud cover and give them a shot at sinking the zombie pirate ship. Users will receive fictional cash points which could be used to rate and encourage improvement in performance. Plus its Zombie Pirates man!!!!

What it can be used for:  I can see an easy application for students who need to concentrate on their grammar skills as well as ESL or special needs students who will be better engaged than if they were performing such activities in a workbook. Contests for points could be arranged or the activity could be put up on the interactive whiteboard so the whole class could participate!

Here is an example of play and a quick review by a user:

App no. 5

The last App I choose in on that is close to my heart. I have a passion for special needs education and in my time as an educational assistant I was fortunate enough to see how this app made a big difference in a child with verbal difficulties. The App is called 'Pictello' and it retails for $19.99 on the app store but I believe it is worth every penny. Pictello is a way of creating visual stories using pictures and sharing them with others. It has a text to talk feature which allows the written components of a story to be played out loud.

What it can be used for:  The student I watched use this program could create her own digital stories and projects which corresponded with what the class was Working on. When they presented their work orally to the group she was able to participate as well despite major speech difficulties. It gave her new confidence and ability to succeed in the classroom.

I found the video tutorial for this great program take a look!

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