A Cell is Like A One Direction Concert

By Olivia Goodmon and Cassidy Williams

One Direction is the Mitochondria.  The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and produces energy.  One Direction is the main act that amps up the energy.

Security is the cell membrane.  The cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell.  Security at a concert controls who and what comes into the arena.

The audience at the concert is the cytoplasm.  Cytoplasm fills the cell with fluid and holds it together.  The audience fills the stadium and gives the concert a purpose.

Simon Cowell is the nucleus of the cell.  The nucleus houses the DNA and stores genetic information.  Simon is in charge of One Direction and stores their tour and monetary information.

The boys' golf cart is the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum.  The Rough ER transports proteins made in the ribosomes.  The golf cart transports the main act around.

Paul Higgins is the ribosome of One Direction.  Ribosomes build proteins and carry DNA the same as Paul builds the tour and makes sure the guys get where they need to on time.

Stagehands are the Golgi Apparatus.  The Golgi packages proteins.  Stagehands at  a concert pack up the concert's set and carry it to the next city.

Lysosomes are the stadium's maintenance crew.  Lysosomes digest waste just like the maintenance crew picks up the trash after screaming girls leave.

The peroxisomes are represented by the police.  Peroxisomes are responsible for breaking down poisonous peroxide.  The police take down the drunkies and the drunkettes after the concert.

The concert lighting represents the chloroplast in a plant cell.  Chloroplasts perform photosynthesis and give the plants color.  The lights give color to the concert and amp up the energy levels in the arena.

The arena is the cell wall.  The cell wall gives structure to the cell.  The arena provides a a structure for the band to perform in.

Lastly, the vendors are the central vacuole.  The Large Central Vacuole stores water in the cell.  The vendors store beverages to give out to people.

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