Newport International Group LLC Consulting: Sustainability Management


Building Sustainable C21 Companies

Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Green. These terms mean different things to different organizations—and even the people within them. Newport Consulting Group helps you create a sustainable strategy that is relevant to your business and its culture to maximize your bottom line through highly-effective and innovative approaches. We position companies to compete in the 21st Century marketplace, what we call C21 companies.

Whether you’re looking for a better, more efficient supply chain or to you want to better manage your organization’s brand reputation—our multi-faceted group of experts are here to ensure your efforts equal smart business across the triple bottom-line: environmental, social and financial elements of business performance.

Sustainable Business Strategy

Newport is uniquely positioned to help our clients move beyond compliance toward competitively positioned and highly sustainable profitability. Newport’s team specializes in helping companies identify unique opportunities to reduce consumption, mitigate risk, minimize environmental impact and maximize human talent.

Our experience includes creating support for a new commitment to sustainable management as well as helping organizations find new opportunities within an existing sustainable structure. The result is even greater impact by bringing both cutting edge and relevant strategy to the table. Whether highly localized or broad scale—our goal is to outline sustainable strategies in a way that is both feasible (possible) and viable (achievable).

Business Program Development

Designing and managing sustainability-focused programs takes focus and perseverance. Collaborating with us means we help to design the right program for your needs, and help you monitor and adjust it as needed along the way. Our team can also help you design the appropriate pilot and rollout strategies for programs as well as the supporting internal and external communications, education and behavior change models to ensure its success.

Sustainable Supply Circle

Information to locate and aggregate functions across the supply chain are increasingly complex and under growing economic pressures. This can lead to productivity losses and short-term decision-making that may create undue harm in the long term. Newport minimizes the data collection and management burden through appropriate use of government and industry data and IT solutions.

Newport Consulting Group can help you evaluate the cost benefits of greener and leaner packaging and manufacturing supply chains to make sound decisions. We use the principles of design, the regulatory climate and strategic drivers to determine the best overall direction.

Sustainable Brand and Reputation

Companies embark on their sustainable strategy for different reasons. For some, it’s in their brand DNA and it’s their reason for existence. For others, their public perception has been blemished and is in need of a strategic pivot to make real effort toward sustainable operations.

Newport Consulting Group can align your business and your sustainable brand strategy to communicate the alignment powerfully to your targeted audiences. A strong sustainable brand establishes preference for your organization thus leading to increased revenues.

Sustainable Performance Improvement

Newport Consulting Group helps clients build their internal talent to execute the sustainability programs necessary for a company’s success. Our organizational and behavior change management teams work within your internal culture to effect the desired change.

Outside of the organization, our team will also help you define and improve your corporate social responsibility and fingerprint within the communities you operate—whether local or abroad. Specifically, our certified team can prepare you for the Social Accountability Index’s Social Fingerprint or SA8000 Framework including remediation, planning and implementation.

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