Ubiquitous Apps

Basic editing, cropping, labeling, highlighting, blurring (think kid's faces or personal info, license plate). Browse: Examples

Create an interactive image by inserting links to various media

Browse: EDU Examples

Create a visual presentation using visuals from the library or your own visual.

Create a video to show thinking processes with a whiteboard.

Browse: Applications on various Bloom's Levels

(iPhone app) Create a 30-second voice recording and generate a link with this simple app.

Create a 30-second video with an avatar and a custom background.

Browse: Teacher Examples

Create a collage with your own pictures or search for pictures from the web.

Create a mindmap with your own pictures or draw your pictures.  Use on it's own, or as a visual for another app.

Create a news-style video with multimedia pop-ups.

Create a video trailer from a template, or splice together several smaller video clips.

Note: If you log in to iTunes on an iPad Air or an iPhone 5 (yours or someone else's), you should be able to download this app at no cost!  Then return to your device and you can re-download the app.

Create a step-by-step guide to anything with videos or pictures and captions.




Social Studies


Sherry McElhannon