Personal Trails

I think a digital footprint is a personal online trail left behind by social medias and searches made by you. Its a trail of searches and things you share on the online world such as personal data, pictures, statuses, and anything you've ever posted or has been linked to you. It is important to be aware of what you post so it doesn't affect you in the future.

The video I posted talks about how long the government can keep your information and how to be cautious of the things you post and how they are linked to you. It also talks about collective data and how it can be used in personal searches and etc.

A digital footprint can come from almost any website you enter such as the ones showed in the above picture and also many more not mentioned in the picture as well. It can also come from calls and online search tools as well

The important rules for digital footprints are to be cautious of what you post for example, posting pictures of you at a party drinking or smoking because they could come back and haunt you even if you've already deleted them from the media. It is important to be aware that everything you search and post becomes a part of your own personal digital footprint and even if you think you deleted something it is still somewhere in the internet.

* 1. be aware of what you search

* 2. make sure the things you post or search are not inappropriate

* 3. post as if your parents were looking at what you post

A good digital footprint can be left behind by being cautious of what you search and searching appropriate things. You can also use your social medias for school and professional purposes only.

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