So Many Options, So Little Time

Lots of web tools? No time to plan? How can you use the BYOD strategies to support your daily schedule, improve classroom management, and reach your students everywhere? Join me to learn how you can create a routine to help you manage the students and devices in your class, so that you can focus on delivering the best instruction possible!

Not enough devices in your school? No problem! You can use your students' devices to support digital activities in class or at home. They are eager to use their devices, and you want them to be engaged, so with a little planning, a class routine, and plenty of open-mindedness you can orchestrate some amazing digital learning!

Planning digital lessons involves considering all the available resources, and lots of wonderful vetted content already exists online, ready for you to use. Mix in some engaging (data yielding) activities, so you and your students can have fun AND understand where you are in your learning. Let the students select and run the tools for activities, and transform your classroom into a student driven instruction space.

Join me Wednesday Feb. 4th, 11:30am - 1:00pm, room 8B Session #150166 to learn how to plan for multiple devices, platforms and tools, while creating one versatile lesson to accommodate all, improve classroom management by cutting down “technology issues” times and having students ready to participate on any device available.