the Pastry Shop

Victoria Gomez
21 April 2015
Get your fresh baked Raspberry Cupcakes with a chocolate Frosting or a Salted Caramel Brownie to lighten up you day

Able to sell 1440 and 1800 cupcakes in a month. I can only spend $625 between the two pastries each month  from the $7500 allotted from the $10,000 start up money.

Cupcakes will cost $2.10 to produce and the Brownies cost $2.75 to produce.
Cupcakes will cost $6.50 and Brownies will cost $5.50.

2.75x+2.10y< 625
2.75x <7500
2.10y < 7500
Profit will be calculated by cost of product minus cost to produce where x= Brownies and y=cupcakes

It will be the most beneficial each month to produce 120 Brownies and 150 Cupcakes to maximize my profit

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