What Does It Take To Be An Astrophysicist?

What Does it take to be an Astrophysicist? Well first of all, Astrophysics is the mathematical side to the scientific discovery of space. It takes a lot of scientific and mathematical skill to thrive in this occupation because the math involved is intense. You must be very dedicated and want the job bad enough to spent at least eight years getting a PhD to have this occupation, because you must be very educated to do this.

There are few openings a year in this market of careers and the growth is slowly getting higher which is a good sign for future astrophysicists, but the best state to have this occupation, if you are looking at job openings, is California. The point is that even though there is few openings yearly for this job, it is only because there are very few people wanting to put the work in.

Now if you are reading this to see how much bank you make for your tuition costs, this is where to look. The average United States physicist makes approximately $120,000 annually, so it does pay well for the work you put in. Plus it pays for medical, and you get large bonuses for discoveries.

Now it is pretty obvious that Einstein didn't discover relativity in a day, and Stephen Hawking didn't discover black holes over night, so you will have to be very patient. Astrophysicists often spend years ad even decades on theories that may turn out to not even fit their hypothesis, which at times can be very irritating for those with no patience which is why you will need to take your time in this occupation.

Here is a link introducing you the the career of Astrophysics:


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