mental and emotional health is the ability to handle the stresses and changes of everyday life in a reasonable way.

personality is a combination of your feelings, likes, dislikes, attitude abilities and habits

empathy involves identifying with and sharing another person's feelings

resilience is the ability to recover from problems or loss

self concept is the way you view yourself overall

self esteem is how you about yourself

optimistic is having a positive attitude about the future

confidence is belief in Your ability to do what you set out to do

emotion are feelings such as 😊 or 😵

mood swings frequent changes in emotional state are common on teens

stress is the body response to real or imagined 💀 or other events

positive stress is stress that can help you reach your goal

distress is stress that prevents you from doing what you need to do

stressors or sources of stress

the body's way of responding to threat is called flight or flight response

adrenaline is a hormone that increases the level of sugar in the blood giving yor body extra energy

fatigue or tiredness

mental and emotional disorder are illnesses that affect a person's thought feelings and behavior

suicide is the act of killing oneself on purpose

resources are places to get information support and advice

referral is a suggestion to seek help or information from another person or place

anxiety disorder has extreme fear of real or imaginary situation that get in the way of normal activities

mood disorder is a mental and emotional problem in which a person undergoes mood swings that seem extreme inappropriate or last a li

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