My day

My morning begins when i wake up i immediately get up and do my bed, i then go ahead and take a shower. When i'm done taking a shower i get ready first by putting some clothes out that i pick out from my closet that takes about five minutes.After im done getting ready i then get in the truck and my dad brings me to school. When i get to school i go straight to the locker room and get ready for practice. We wait for the coach to tell us what we need for practice and we go out to the field around 8:00 we spend around an hour and forty minutes practicing on different things like defending and attacking. When practice is over we run back to the locker room and i quickly shower and get my clothes back on. When i leave the locker room i go get breakfast which i always get a granola bar and an orange juice. I then go straight to my second period class which is avid, in there all we do is go in and we turn in our tutorial sheet. We sit in there and do some work that she sometimes assigns us to do. We leave from there like 40 minutes into the class, we go from there to another classroom where we then get there and we sit with our tutors that we are assigned to. We go over our problems that we had put down talking about making sure that we know how to work it out. In about thirty minutes we get our backpacks and books ready. After my second period class i go straight to lunch and i stand in line till i get my food which is different food everyday.

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