ABC's of Culture


By Denver Lauer

A picture of Ireland


- Ireland produces many vegetables, fresh dairy products, breads, and the catch and eat seafood. Potato's are a very common food you eat in Ireland.

- Smoked salmon is considered a special meal and Irish stew. They also eat crubeens (pig feet) and colcannon (potato's cabbage)

- Tea is the most common drink in Ireland. Breakfast in Ireland has bacon and eggs. Meats like chicken, pork, beef, and lamb are eaten at dinner

A pig feet ( crubeens)


- Traditional folklore is Irish Gaelic/ records tell stories of departed saints, ghosts, and fairies.

- Music tradition is thousand s of year's old. Instruments you can find in Ireland are flute's, bag pipes, fiddles, button accordions, concertinas, harps, celic drums, and penny whistles.

- Musicians in Ireland are U2, Sinead O'Connor, The Cranberries, and The Frames.

Tinker bell because they believe in fairy's

A fairy from the tooth fairy movie


- Earth tones and warm colors are worn in Ireland

- Sweaters and woven clothing are popular because of the cool climate in Ireland

- Not heavy rain weir is common when you live/ travel in Ireland

What woman where in Ireland

What men where in Ireland


- A bungalow is a modern Ireland house (1 storie structure) shows middle class Irish living

-  In Irish country sides there are traditional thatched-roofed cottages

- Home owner ship is highly valued , and people who usually rent homes in Ireland usually by a how in the future in the country and they would drive themselves into the city for work

A Irish town house


- Irish woman stay home and watch the kids and take care of the house. ( making dinner, laundry, etc.)

- a family can have 2 kids.

- a adult children do stuff for themselves and some times helps the parents and elder grandparents if they are in need.

A average Ireland family

Ireland family imagrating to the USA


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That Ireland eats and has many different things than what we do in the USA.

Principle one relates to Ireland

Principle three relates to Ireland

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