The Flag

The Black represents the darkness and cruelty of the society outside of our organization.

The White diamond is to mean that we are the light of our dark world.

The red Sun symbolizes åndrig and the blood he sacrificed to create our Union.


                                    The constitution

Decree 1- The name of the country should actually be The Dominion of the Oppressed for the amount of oppression that occurs here.

Decree 2 - The country does not provide protection at all. They place a sense of fear on every citizen. No one is equal in this country. The only one that is important is Mork Farishta. None other matters. They do not promote respect and patience, they demand it. The Dominion of Kar’l forces moral perfection.

Decree 3- In The Dominion of Kar’l, punishments as far as death are a possibility. Many people are torchered on a day to day basis for “the good of the country”. Meta MUST be respected or serious punishments will occur. People are striped away form their home never to return home. Not following the rules of Meta contains death.

Decree 4- The one in charge of the country should be a well set person who does good in live. The man should be well educated and contains good ties to other countries. This country should have a federal type government. The country should look to the citizens to make certain decisions. Citizens of the country should have the full right to vote who will lead them. A leader should be elected by a pole system. People cast their vote for the man whom they believe will lead them to victory. Advisers should be place so that the government is monitored and is saved from corruption. People of the country should have the right to speak out when they feel that something is wrong.

Decree 5- The responsibility of the government should be to protect the people of the country by all means necessary. The government should do good for the people and take the citizens into consideration when making decisions.

Decree 6-

  • Citizens have the right to speak out against and unruly actions that are placed upon them
  • Anything that puts others in harm's way will be punished
  • Anything morally wrong will be punished
  • The act of any person denying you your basic human rights is unlawful
  • Destruction of any group calls for punishment
  • People shall gather in any place that they wish
  • Freedom to express yourself shall always be present
  • Men or women should have the right to choose whether they would like to join the Meta
  • None shall be forced
  • All are one

Decree 7- Our country should have an amazing education system. Education should be given to everyone and anyone for no cost at all.The system shall not discriminate on age, gender, race, or ethnicity. We shall have places of further education. People may choose to attend. Those who don’t receive a higher form of education will be put to work jobs that none others would like to work.

Decree 8- The symbol placed on our flag will be a white diamond with a red sun placed inside of it. The white diamond symbolizes the light in our dark world. The sun represents åndrig and the blood that he spilt for us.

Decree 9- The figurehead of our country will be åndrig. This brilliant man will lead us to victory in a time of war. He will guard and protect those of his country. He shall grant what you please.

                          Our figurehead

Our figurehead outwits many people. He is full of knowledge and is all knowing. He protects those who follow him but punishes those who do not. This “person” is tough hearted and demands for changes to be made when subjects are wrong. Betraying this man can lead to serious punishments including death. This man can be recognized by his symbolical sun.

                    Our figurehead origin

åndrig was a man who live a very prosperous life. He grew up playing with the local children and participating in activities that children his age should. At the age of 10, åndrig was abducted and taken by Mork Farishta. The Dominion of Kra’l’s aim when abducting åndrig was forcing his mind into believing that The Dominion of Kra’l are the protagonist. This was the beginning of the Dominion of Kra’l. They wanted to test their ways on a select few people before they attempted it on a large number of people. No one question the well being of åndrig in fear that they would be abducted as well. åndrig was thrown into a metal box. He was denied light, food, and the presence of any human being. After days and days of being starved, åndrig was finally given a glass of water. Little did åndrig know, his drink was actually poisoned with a chemical that the Dominion of Kar’l had been perfecting. åndrig had been treated with many chemicals that damaged brain cells by the second. His ability to reason and make decisions were completely destroyed. His brain belonged to the Dominion now. With his brain the Dominion created the first member of the Meta. åndrig was forced to recruit people, mainly men, for the duties of Meta. He betrayed his friends and brought them into the Meta. Through the many of years åndrig saw many lives taken and much blood shed. He despised the fact that he was forced to do this. åndrig began to grow weak in the eyes of the Dominion. He was told that if he was not tougher, he would be preparing his own funeral. This made him grow very fearful and in that decided to flee the country. åndrig came back when he had found out that his family had been killed shortly after he had left. åndrig then created the rebellion. He would help people who wished to flee the Meta. He now lives in a secluded area in which none know the whereabouts except for his trustworthy people.

                              Our Anthem

(chorus): åndrig is our god

he will fight for us all

he brings us joy and wonder

that we are all under

his almighty hand

we are his band

He is our freedom

he gives us our light

never will we fail

with our fight

åndrig will prevail

(verse): we are his chosen ones

he give us tons

but though he is good

do not underestimate

his great power


                       Truth of C.A.T. and
                            Ground level

The government wants everyone to believe that their prisons aren't that bad, just a place to house criminals and teach them from doing wrong. But, do you know how they teach that? The tormentors find a way to get inside your head and then destroy it. Your whole mindset will be changed. When you come out, if you get out, you'll be a totally different person. All your memories will be gone, you will not recognized your family or they you; they are ultimately making you a new person.

When a person is believed to be guilty, he or she is drugged in their sleep and transported to the torture facility. Once that person is awake, Hell is brought to them. To start off the new prisoner must take a shower in boiling hot water, to cleanse them of their wrongs. The shower ends when the person in charge feels like the prisoner is clean enough to be in their "care". After that they are taken to get some food, but eating the food is a huge risk, only the chef knows what the meal contains and who knows what he or she puts in it. There is a story that says that one person's inner organs rotted and killed the person before the real punishment could begin.

After the captive survives the shower and meal, they are studied. The officials get inside the person's head and figure out their weaknesses and fears to be able to plot the prisoners torture. The torture though doesn't exist, it's all in the victim's head. It's like a dream, no, more like a nightmare. A nightmare that the prisoner can't awake from, it becomes their life.

The people held captive go through that everyday, if not most, for a while and then the sessions stop. When it ends though, the nightmare doesn’t. The victims begin to hallucinate and continue living in their nightmare. The official gives the brain some type of steroids that seems to strengthen the scary and fearful part of the brain, soon enough this part will have more power and slowly take over the captive completely. Their brain is then no longer theirs, it died and became the prisoners' true tormentor. The government planned this so that they won't seem like the bad guys, because they never really laid a hand on the person, just have him or her a shower, a meal, and constructed a simple brain study. By doing this the prisoner's death is that one's fault, they let their dreams destroy them.

The government is pretty smart and have an amazing talent of lying and twisting the truth. Nothing they say is the literal truth. Don't let them fool you! Protect your dreams and escape from the horrid wings of Mork Farishta!

Freedom is seeing white.


Jacob Chavez, Aureleah Jimenez, and Lauren Lopez

2nd period

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