Little Brothers

Natalie Stampfly April 15th, 2014

Teach me new things

Always want to play games

Kick me and punch me

But always say they love me

Never go away

Sometimes that’s okay

I’d rather have them around

Because without them there’s no sound

They take my food

They get in my face

They give me no space

But in my heart, there will always be a place

I can’t do their makeup

I can’t paint their toes

I can’t do their hair

And in some ways I don’t care

We’ll ride ATV’s

We’ll roll in the mud

We’ll fish in the creek

We’ll come home and we’ll reek

Mom will be mad

Dad will be glad

Mom will make us shower

Until we smell like a flower

I say I wish for sisters

I know that will never fly

Because I know I’m better off

With my two favorite little guys

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