Blizzards are like big snow storms.

How a Blizzard Forms

Blizzards form by bringing in warm air and cold air then combining them to make a front to make it windy and precipitate(snow).

Historical Blizzards

On March 11th 1888 $25 million worth of buildings were destroyed and there was 15 thousand people were injured or dead. On November 18th 1949 353 people died and $66 million dollors in damage was lost.

Imacts on Human life

To prevent injuries of a blizzard always keep a safety kit that contains a blanket, flashlight,extra batteries, non-perishable food, waterproof matches, a shovel, windshield scraper, a tool kit, jumper cables, water container, road maps, and flares.

Blizzard of November 18th 1949.
The Blizzard of March 11th 1888


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