Oh No !  Another Hurricane - C18

WIK/What I Know

  • Nikki's neighbours left
  • Nikki wasn't sure where Tom was
  • Two hurricanes are forming near the carribean
  • Nikki was in town
  • Nikki's glasses snapped
  • Brock lost some weight
  • Brock lost his football look
  • Brock's brother has pneumonia
  • Nikki didn't like Gwen
  • Nikki feels uncomfortable

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Nikki is going to get some charcoal
  • Nikki was riding a kayak
  • Nikki's dad started to care about her
  • Nikki's dad went back to normal
  • Nikki reminded herself to go buy some batteries
  • Nikki was reminded about the time she was with Tom
  • Nikki saw Brock
  • Brock talked to Nikki
  • Brock rode his bike
  • Nikki felt touched when Brock came to see her
  • Tom saw Nikki
  • Tom made his own gas
  • Nikki was mad at Tom for hanging out with Gwen
  • Nikki thinks she likes both Brock and Tom


Nikki Barton : Nikki Barton is a very self centered person. Just because, she doesn't like Gwen doesn't mean that Tom can't hang out with her. If Gwen is a bad influence, it makes sense why you wouldn't want anyone to hang out with her but, she is not like that.Nikki is not steady at the moment with her relationship, she thinks she likes both Tom and Brock. Nikki needs to make up her decision, so it won't look like she is cheating on anyone

Snap Shot

I'm using this picture for my snap shot because, in this chapter it mentioned that Nikki's glasses snapped, so this is the picture I choose to represent for that piece of information