A life journey or is it ?

3/04/14 there are many days of our lives we shud make the best of them the only thing I will be rememberd for is for my book

the book

my life was very tough but is gets less painful as i age threw my life and I,m  glad for it  

03/17/14 In my life  so far iv lernd to be a friend is different than being  person that you know. people in reality people are different to be normal in this world is to be not normal;and what is normal is not normal that is how this place works. their are many sayings  throw out are time but how do we know which ones to lisin to in are daily lives. If you think theirs no such thing as having no emoshens you wrong thir is a way    

Its i ironic that i like foxes and my name is fox.

me in person 3/18/14
me in march 3/18/14

3/19/14 Not much has happind but this bloging thing I still do not under stand. This texting or everything. I'm this youth of this time and I don't even under stand it my self. I guess I'm one out of infinity (sigh)  boy I just don't get it. And when tacks about some thing new and i ask what is that people look at me with disbelief. Then I start to feel like an idiot.  

3/24/14 some one I look up to or admirer  I don't have some one that I look up to or any thing like that. now that i think about it no one enspierd me  to do anything. I simple think its instinct or some thing its just a burning thot in my mind.  building or to creating i just cant help it once i see once ithot i simpley wont to bild    

3/27/14 not yet finished with project must I make poster for teacher appreciation week so tired of these types of projects there so technical their so much of blogging and internet  sharing involved i just hate it  not evre one has  a computer or phone or face book  

3/11/14 last Friday was completely weird the power had went out but it was nice to look at the school in a darker way. we stayed in are first class period every one was lively but  not me i found it to be very boring. there was nothing to do unless you had a device of some sort. unlike me i did not have any thing to use,but my class mate mange to have glow sticks "its a party now"he sead.

4/17/14 /what i hope to go to kolig and,study graphic and design to some day to work for Pixar or a famous art animations studio. that is my goal for the end of high school maybe for a gaming design company. that is my career to crate designs for movies or games posters and so much more.       

5/20/14  about  two weeks until the end of school  not much has happen just tring to get are final done before are grade is due

5/21/14 i am  complete  with my final in graphic design and working on my music video i have it but its not right yet   

5/22/14 just one more week of school and then summer break i hope to go to drivers ed to learn how to drive and get my drivers linen and get a job to finally get a computer for my self

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