Mobile Apps for K-12

myHomework Student Planer

myHomeowrk can be used in the classroom to help students be more organized and prepared. With how much students use and have their phones, having an app that gives homework reminders, keeps your schedule and if your class is linked up you can even receive notes and download assignments directly to your phone and other devices.


TED conferences is an app that allows you to access the entire supply of TED Talks videos. They are inspirational and motivational videos that can help peak interest in certain subject areas as well as show an insight into where certain fields can go. They offer interesting views from some of the worlds foremost leaders in their fields. In a classroom it can be used to inform and motivate students, as well as allow them to pursue some of their own interest outside of the classroom.

Graphing Calculator by Herbert Law

With the price of TI-83's still being around the $100 mark, there is an alternative. Students are able to download a free graphing calculator that they can now take with them. This would help to have all students involved. If a student already has a phone and is unable or simply does not want to spend extra for the calculator will be able to still do the work and have it with them.

Speed Reader Training

With speed reader training you can give you students the option of using an app that will give them an advantage. The app is free and through using it can improve the rate at which students read and comprehend. This can allow for a greater understanding of subject mater, also less time spent tediously looking through texts.



Quizlet is an app that has a multitude of test already prepared to help as a practice test, anytime/anywhere. The app does not need to be connected to the internet and offers over 13 million pre-made flash cards and quizzes. This app can be used to give students a chance to practice taking quizzes as well as offering extra help in certain subject areas that need improvement.

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