Civil War

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Journal Entry #1

Hello, My name is William Brown. I am a Union soldier fighting in the civil war. I was born in Illinois and I joined the war because I was a stay at home man and I had nothing else to do.  I thought the civil war was going to be short, but I was wrong. This war has been going on for many days, and I cannot keep track.

Journal Entry #2

When I work, I make greenbacks.

That is a very hard case job though

Yes it is my boss hard knocks me

Does he treat you like a jailbird

yes he is always fit to be tied

Maybe hes wallpapered you never know

yes he got whipped when he was younger so thats why he mean

he should just skedaddle

Journal entry #3

Life at camp is going very bad, it is very tiring and harsh,  we have to wake up for  drills every day. We are located in Virginia and I have made a lot of friends in my company , but the bad part is we work too much and I'm sick of it.

Photo Prompt: morning

Journal Entry #4

By the end of the Jeremiah story, Jeremiah was confederate and he had fought a great many battles. He was a lieutenant and eventually met his brother and when he met his brother his brother is a rank lower than him and his brother hates that fact.

Photo Prompt: Fun

Journal Entry # 5

Hello friend, camp life is hard out here and it has been a struggle. Some things I do to pass time is that I usually sleep and play cards with fellow soldiers. There isn't a food I like here. Sometimes I get nothing and sometimes I get hardtack and salted meat.

Journal Entry # 6

Fight for america,

fight for freedom,

fight for everything,

men out there are bleeding.

Fight for the country,

men are hungry,

and out of money.

Fight for land,

fight for peace,

fight for America!

Photo Prompt: Battle

Journal Entry # 7

We couldn't do anything. For any infections the arm of area of infection was cut off. For anything else we could either cut the body part with a rusted knife or give him pain killers till he died. There are others that no one knows about right now. There is also a lot of sickness in the camp like diarrhea. It seems like that kills more than actuality the battle.

Photo Prompt: Home

Photo Prompt#8

We won and I was finally home. I bought some good bread and the money that I earned there with me for my family.  I was so happy I was home, safe and sound. When I got home it turned out someone attacked the house but nobody was Injured or hurt.

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