JOan of Arc

Joan of Arc nicknamed The Maid of Orleans she is a hero off french Born january 1412 French Died may 30 , 1431 she was 19

Joan of arc won many battles and lost many battles u died in war with n May 30, 1431. She was tied to a tall pillar in the Vieux-Marche in Rouen, where she asked two of the clergy present to hold a crucifix before her. Feeling pity for her, a peasant made a small cross that Joan of Arc put in the front of her dress.Then, the English burned the body twice more to ashes to prevent the collection of ashes from the death of Joan of Arc. After Joan of Arc was burned at the stake two times, they took the ashes and threw them into the Seine as a final injustice against this woman who had attempted to free her people.She was not buried , her charred remains were thrown into the River Seine

The yellow is the main battles , The blue is controlled by charles , the purple is controlled by phillip the pinkish color is controlled by henrey 1415-1429 Territories controlled by henrey of england Territories controlled by phililp of burdgy Territories controlled by charles of france main battles



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JOan of Arc Dressed as a Man  Joan of Arc cropped her hair, wore men's clothing and remained a virgin, gaining mythical status among her followers

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