Complete Coverage for the Investor with Environmental Analysis-Terry Baltes

The Baltes Commercial Realty group concerns itself with all phases of an investor’s needs when selling or purchasing an investment property, including the impact of environmental concerns in a potential investment. Environmental analysis is a key component today in the evaluation of a property’s air and soil condition, and directly affects its current value, and future appreciation prospects. Environmental analysis is important both for a accurate picture of physical condition and impact, and a key tool in predicting long term use and value, as well as property depreciation, or appreciation in value.

An environmental site assessment is an analysis of a real estate holding which examines the property for potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. Some contaminated sites may be subject to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program. Sampling of soil, air, groundwater and/or building materials is not necessarily part of an initial environmental analysis, which is the first step in a process of environmental due diligence. Any consideration of property purchase which involves bank or loan financing for a commercial venture, will be subject to the results of a environmental analysis.

Commercial property environmental standards are precise. Using trained inspectors and working with professional labs results in an environmental analysis which may be used for a courtroom or for commercial property inspections. Such careful scrutiny for environmental impacts on a property’s use and value helps protect investors, and reveal improvement possibilities. Allow Terry Baltes and his professionals to assist your purchase investment experience by providing for and arranging your environmental analysis needs.