Immigration worker union warns ‘serious threat’ of ISIS entering US

Published: September 18th, 2014

Ideals: Rights and Liberty

Summary of Story/Link:

The ISIS has seriously threatened Americans by warning to invade them through the southern border. Americans immigration union workers say there is a serious threat from the Islamic people saying they are going to invade America from Mexico. Kenneth Palinkas, head of National Citizenship and Immigration Service, says he thinks there will be an attack from the ISIS in the near future. Homeland security secretary  Jeh Johnson says there is no real threat that the ISIS will invade. National counterterrorism center head Matthew Olsen says he has heard nothing about them trying to create a big plan to take over the United States from the Southern border.

Explanation of Ideals:

Rights and Liberty are linked to this story. The ISIS is trying to take these things away from American citizens. The ISIS is trying to invade through the southern border of the US and take over. Americans rights will be taken away if they take over. So many Americans are trying to help stop the ISIS if they attack. Liberty is also linked to this story. Americans are fighting for their liberty if the ISIS invades. Americans try and sustain their goals they made when they started forming the government. One was liberty and justice for all. Americans and military people are fighting for their liberty against ISIS.

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