Acess Photo Stream without iPhoto

Just see your photos right away! On Finder.

Tired of emailing yourself your own photos, or waiting an eternity for iPhoto to open and sync?

I'm a huge fan of iCloud and all of it's goodness. Photo Stream is a really amazing service; you take a photo and you get it whichever iOS device you're using. Brilliant, right?

Well... I just don't get it why would Apple give access to the Photo Stream on your Mac only through iPhoto. It takes a while to open, and then another while to sync. I usually end up emailing my self the photo.

Let's get to it.

  • Go to Finder, click GO while holding(!) the option key (that's just alt) and select Library
  • Navigate to Application Support > iLifeAssetManagement > assets > sub
  • In the search field, type "image" and select Kind: Image
  • Select sub folder in the search bar
  • Hit the Save button, and there you go!

That's all there is to it. It is quite quick, and syncs all photos and screenshots you take.

Unfortunately it fails to sync some of the pictures other applications put in your camera rol. And also doesn't work for movies.

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11 months ago

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