By Crosby Ries

This is a picture of Hammurabi in the capitol with other great lawmakers

Hammurabi is a man that lived in ancient Babylon he was also the king of Babylon he is credited with making the first laws.

He lived about 60 years or from 1800 BCE to 1750 BCE.

His term lasted about 42 years that's pretty long for a ruler imagine a president being president that long.

His father was Sin Muballit.

Some regions that he conquered were Larsa, Eshunna, Mari, Rabiqu, Pupilash, Kar-Shamesh, Turuku, Kakmum, Sabe, and just before he died the Assyrians.

Like I said before he created many laws a great site that I used is at the top.

Although his Empire controlled all of Mesopotamia the following kings couldn't keep the Empire together so it slowly started to collapse.

He was born & died in Babylon or in present day Iraq.

He was the 6th king in the Babylonian Empire.

Sometimes he is referred to as Hammurupi.

He was 18 when he first became king because his father had gotten very ill and died so Hammurabi became king

His first job as king was improvement he knew that this couldn't happen without peace so he made peace with the larger kingdoms in Mesopotamia.

After he achieved this he started to improve his defense after he achieved that he started to improve the irrigation in Babylon and made more temples and slowly it grew in power.

But then peace fell the Elamites invaded Eshnuna and Hammurabi  joined forces with the Larsians and stoped them.

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