Christmas Card Evaluations

By: Brianna Is Awesome

Like #

I like it because I like cats.

Kitty Paws!

The font is cute. It reminds me of kitties, and like how there are paw prints in the back.

Shih tzu

The pictures is a short and sweet card, enough said with the picture of the shih tzu.

Shih tzu

The editing is kind of tacky, but I think that’s the humor in it.


Pizza is the best, and if it’s in wreath form, it’s even better!


The color changes are cool. How it’s in full color and then black and white.


The cartoon ornaments make it look cute with the brown back ground and the picture fits perfectly.


The card is a funny santa joke. Good humor.


Gold is a classic color, and the quote gives a cute touch.


The humor is good. Very cute picture.

Don't Like # 1

The pictures are too awkward.

Don't Like # 2

The picture they used and the theme makes people feel uneasy.

The model is awkward looking and isn’t enough Christmas spirit.

Don't Like # 4

Don't Like #5

Seems a little racist, but I there is no joy being put off from the card.

The background looks very fake, and the people look uncomfortable, not easy going.

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