The rioting occurring in Baltimore is another struggle between the public and police. There have been multiple incidents in the past few years that have started revolts and riots. It is an important subject in current events because there is a need to fix the problems that result in the destruction of property.

The different forms of media cover Baltimore differently. National Public Radio (NPR), arguably one of the best-known radio networks in the world, talks in a less formal manner about the subject. In a show done by Melissa Block, the point to be made was that the destruction of Baltimore's businesses is in progress of recovery. This show was May 4, it was made to offer people hope that Baltimore will recover from the destruction that has occurred. The source is made for the public, anyone who feels it important to know. What makes NPR important in their coverage is that NPR works one on one with real people who are affected by Baltimore in order to get the whole story, so they become a good source for information from the viewpoint of real people.

CNN released a story on the exit of the National Guard in Baltimore. Featured on May 4, same day as NPR's mentioned show. This means that both of them come from the important period of recovery for Baltimore. To read this, you first must know what happened in Baltimore and why the National Guard is there, so the article is not entirely helpful because of the amount of information you need to know in order to understand.  CNN makes news stories for the kind of people who turn on the TV in order to catch up on the news of the world. CNN works with news that gets them views, so their main point is going to be more along the lines of describing the action that occurred during the riots. This is important because it is a great showcase of a source that focuses on giving the facts but lacking the details that you may find in a different article.

Newspapers are on the decline in popularity because of electronics, but they still exist. The Baltimore Sun is the newspaper for Baltimore (obviously), so they have direct access to any information they may need for stories. A man by the name of Luke Broadwater wrote an article specifically about the investigation of the actions of the police that occurred during the riots. There is a need to understand why the rioting occurred in Baltimore in order to know what the article pertains to. The Baltimore Sun, being a newspaper, is more about informing local people than TV or radio would be, so their reasoning would be to do so. The significance of a newspaper article is that they give you more depth in the story than other sources do, since they write for you to be intrigued.

When I was doing my research, I thought this was a good choice of a subject because everybody knows that there are struggles in Baltimore, but not everyone fully comprehends why or how these issues came to be. I feel it is important for everyday people to be able to know what a police officer can and cannot do, yet we need to learn how to calmly and efficiently deal with our problems rather than going and setting a bunch of buildings on fire. In my research, while looking at these sites, I was drawn to the fact that NPR's website is much neater and less cramped in than CNN or The Baltimore Sun. It made the article feel as if it had more importance than the other sites made it seem. With that, I feel that people need the truth, and even though it isn't always all in front of you, a little research through different media can give you more information and different opinions on the news.

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