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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey

My essay Reflectiom

My writing at the beginning of the year was unorganized but now it is organized. At the beginning of the year my essays were very poorly organized but now they are well organized.  My writing strengthens are organization.  I am a very organized writer. I would like to lear how to spell better. I would like to learn this because I am a bad speller. My favorite part about reading the novel was taking notes and going deeper into the writing.

The Outsiders Hero's Journey Essay

The outsiders Hero’s Journey Michael Rothstein

5/5/14 period 6

Pow! Batman kills the villain. There are many superheroes in the world like Batman, Super man, and Spider- Man. But there ia also another type of hero. A type of hero anyone can become. All you have to do is be prepared when the chance comes. If people are prepared than they can go through the Hero’s Journey and come back with a gift. The gift you receive might not be a superpower, but you will still benefit from it.Ponyboy goes through the Hero’s Journey. He comes back from the journey as a hero and with a gift. An example of someone going through the Hero’s Journey and coming back with a gift is Ponyboy Curtis in the book The Outsiders written by S.E Hinton.

Ponyboy experiences The Separation from the Known when he is jumped by the Socs.Ponyboy is walking home from the movies and gets jumped. The other Greaser chases the Socs away and begins to talk to Ponyboy. “Steve flicked his ashes at me. What are you doin’,walkin’ by your lonesome?leave it to you good old Steve to bring up something like that. I was coming home from the movies i didn’t think…you don’t ever think, Darry broke in”(13).In the Hero’s Journey the separation from the known is when the hero goes through sudden events that make him or her think and want to change in some way. In The Outsiders Ponyboy goes through the separation from the known. When Ponyboy gets jumped by the Socs he is blamed for for not bringing a switchblade . Ponyboy wants to change his ways and become a respected Greaser but he likes doing things most Greasers do not like or respect (Like going to the movies and not using his head). A respected Greaser would never go to the movies or forget a switchblade. Ponyboy is going through this phase when he gets jumped and realizes how little other Greasers respect him. He also learns how unsafe his neighborhood is and begins to want social peace between the Socs and the Greasers. In the Separation from the Known the character wants something to change. That is what Ponyboy Curtis wants at this point of the book. He wants social peace and to be a more respected Greaser.

Ponyboy experiences The Initiation when he is forced to run away and has to go through many challenges like hiding for a long period of time and cutting his hair. Johnny has killed a man while trying to save Ponyboy from getting drowned by a Soc. They are forced to run away to a church where they have to hide and cut their hair. (Ponyboy) “Okay, I said wide eyed. ‘Get it over with’ Johnny flipped out the razor-edge of his switch,took hold of my hair and started swaging at it”(72). In the Hero’s Journey, the first part of The Initiation is when the hero goes through a physical or mental challenge.In The Outsiders, the quote shows Ponyboy goes through the challenge of cutting off the one thing that shows his identity(his hair). He needs to cut of the one thing that classifies him as a Greaser. To not get caught he has to hide and change his identity. In the first part of The Initiation the hero goes through a challenge. Ponyboy goes through a challenge(the first part of The Initiation) when he has to cut his hair off and hide to not get caught by the police.

Ponyboy continues to experience The Initiation when he knows there's a chance he will be sent to a Boys’ Home. Ponyboy wokes up at home after saving kids from a fire. Ponyboy has become a famous hero and people are not sure if he will be sent to a Boys’ Home. Ponyboy is talking to the gang about whether they think he will be sent to a Boys’ Home or not. “‘No what?’ ‘No they ain’t goin’ to put us in a Boy’s Home. ‘Dont worry about it’, Steve said cock sure that he and Sodapop could handle anything that came up”(109). In the Hero’s Journey, the second part of The Initiation is when the hero is at he or shes lowest point. In the Outsiders this quote is an example of the Heros Journey because Ponyboy is at his lowest point. Nothing he has said or done has worked out well for him. Also he has been threatened to be sent to a Boy’s Home. All of his friends say they will not let him be taken away but he is still very scared. At the beginning of the book Ponyboy was not happy with his family or gang. But know he loves his family and gang. He has realized he is luckier than most people and has people who care for him. Ponyboy has already lost his parents and is afraid to lose other people who care for him. He goes through the Abyss when he knows he will probably be sent to a Boys Home. Ponyboy misses his parents a lot and he is scared of going through the loss of someone important to him again. Losing the rest of his family and his gang have become his greatest fear and have made him be at his lowest point which is the Abyss.

Ponyboy experiences The Return to Everyday Life when he is at his house sleeping with his brother just like he was at the beginning of the book. Through out the whole book Ponyboy has never had time to do his homework like he used to do. Ponyboy sits down for the first time in awhile and begins to do his homework. Before Ponyboy begins to write he thinks of a story. That gives of the wisdom that he has learned. “When I stepped out of the bright sunlight into the darkness”(180) and (1). In the Hero's Journey, the Return to Everyday Life is when the hero is going through his life normally but has learned some important things. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy goes through the return to everyday life at the end of the book. At the beginning of the book Ponyboy has time to go to track meets and do homework. In the middle of the book Ponyboy never has time to do homework. But at the end of the book he has time for track and homework. His life goes back to normal in every way but two. Ponyboy begins to value and enjoy the family he has more. Also he has realized that unnecessary violence is bad. Ponyboy has learned those two valuable lessons and writes a book for homework which he uses to share his wisdom.

In conclusion, The Outsiders is an example of how anyone can go through The Heros Journey if they accept the call. Ponyboy has went through all the phases of The Heros journey. He has been through through The Separation from the Known and began wanting change. He has also been through The Initiation part one where he goes through hard challenges. Than he went through The Initiation part two when Ponyboy was al his lowest point. Finally he went through The Return to Everyday Life were his life went back to normal but he had a special gift which he shared with others. Ponyboy went through all the phases of The Hero’s Journey and he comes back with a gift. many people in the world want to have a superpower. But it is fictional to get a super power. The closest thing people can get is a gift. Anyone can receive the gift if the are ready to accept The Call to Adventure when it comes.

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