The human fascination with the wild has long been documented and thats why in the early 20th century there was a renaissance in environmental protection in America. At the turn of the twentieth century, almost all of America was focused on industrialization and did not look at the negative environmental aspects of their actions until about 1950. Starting at this time, the federal government began to implement various initiatives designed to protect the environment from tree plantings, Richard Nixon creating the Environmental Protection Agency, and even allotting land for national wildlife preserves. However; all of these initiatives came too late and almost all of the wilderness has been explored by man in one way or another. This fascination for exploration of the wild is seen by the masses of people that still camp, hunt, and go hiking. This fascination for the wilderness has since shifted to a more liquid medium.

Scientists estimate that only about 5% of the earths water has been explored and this leaves room for optimism and imagination in those fascinated with the wild. This fascination can be found in the fictitious evidence of mermaids in the ocean. 3 years ago, Animal planet launched a series of hugely popular “documentaries”, more accurately mockumentaries, which was meant to show the plausibility of mermaid existence. Animal planet did not originally disclaim that the documentary was fiction and therefore people became quickly fascinated by the documentary. The documentary posed as a bonafide resource for scientific information and even had “scientific evidence” to back it up. The first part of the documentary was so successful that animal planet decided to create a part two in order to capitalize on the small cult following the documentary received.

The sad part was: some people sincerely believed in this documentary until they were officially told by animal planet that it was a hoax. The fact of the matter is that people so badly wanted to believe in the alleged found body and scientific evidence that they refused to believe all the obvious logical errors. If there was someone claiming there was a half human half fish creature on DRY land then people would instantly dismiss the idea. But what made people believe it was possible in water? The 95%.

By scientists previously stated best estimations, there is still 95% of the ocean that has neither been seen or touched by man. 95% is such a high number and there infact are things that are truly unbelievable in these uncharted waters that man discovers every day that no one could have imagined unless they were shown evidence. These mermaids are humanlike creatures that the documentary makes convincing evidence can be possible by evolutionary theory. This gives a human connection to the ocean and if human can do what they have done on earth then why couldn’t human like creatures do similar things in the ocean?

Obviously these claims are ridiculous but it is easy to see how people can be tricked. The only reason mermaids were briefly given the chance to be real was because they were part human which gives them the possibility of doing something amazing just like what humans have done on land.