The Aztec

the Aztec women dressed skirts, blouse, and a earplug. The men had loose fitting clothing that did not cover their entire body. The Aztecs main source of food was Corn right off the cob, the corn was used to make corn meal dough(was often combined to with vegetables, and beans.). Sometimes they would put on helmets insignia of their order. Higher class would put on a bright feathered work, quilted cotton armor, mantels of blue. Aztecs warriors would also carry flowers, a privilege normally reserved for nobles. The Aztecs Empire was made up of a series of city and states known as altepetl. Each altepetl was ruled by a supreme leader, and a supreme judge and administrator. The Aztecs told many stories but the most famous one was " The Legend Of The Five Suns" its a story of creation. A story of birth, death ,and rebirth. The Aztecs built their houses close to mountains. They believed that the mountains protected them from the rain.

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