Film in America

What it means to be a film enthusiast in America
By Zach Hedgpeth

Image is from Pulp Fiction (1994)

                                                    What does Film Mean to me?                                                What does it mean to be a film enthusiast in America?  To me being a film enthusiast in America means to really just enjoy film and have the freedom of what I want to watch.  Movies are a way that you can see the impossible and be amazed by what happens, they can make you laugh at stuff that is completely absurd, they can make you happy, and they can make you sad.  

                                                        Film Through a Social Lens

Films are a huge part of how we interact socially.  When have you not had a conversation with your friend about a certain scene in a movie.  Film is a way to bond with people.  Films can be used to point out problems in our society and raise awareness of certain things.  As a society we learn from films, which can be a life lesson or something new.  When we learn from all the films we watch it alters how we interact with each other socially.  

                                                   Film Through a Economic Lens

In 1995 the total box office gross was $5,291,388,157.  In 2014 the total box office gross was $10,370,467,844 almost 5 billion more than 1995 (The Numbers).  Our generation has made film industry bigger than it has ever been.  With ticket prices slowly rising the amount of money the industry is making is just going up.

                                                   Film Through a Cultural Lens

Films have changed so much over not only the source material but what can be said and done.  Our generation as of now is very accepting of many things so film gets away with a lot of things.  Back in 1939 when Gone With the Wind came out the word damn was used in the film twice.  At the time this was not very acceptable and it went to far for some people, but now we get away with all sorts of words and shenanigans that would have been taboo back then.  


Why do you watch movies?  Is it for excitement?  Romance?  Comedy? Horror?  Whatever your reason we all watch movies because we enjoy them.  Films are something that a lot of people love and it is a industry which still has room to grow better.  

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2 years ago

Having the freedom to watch what you want to watch? This would be a great opportunity to bring up some current events - I'm thinking specifically of The Interview. You could also think about how parental guidance ratings are used to influence what people can and can't watch. I think that maybe there's a little depth to be explored in this topic.

2 years ago

Samuel L Jackson is my dad i promise my dad told me

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@mniemasz88 I feel like that's not true...