Mckayla Maroney

By Hannah Moore

Facts about Mckayla Maroney

Do you like sports?Well if you do I'm going to tell you some interesting facts about a gymnast named Mckayla Maroney.

1.What are her parents names?

A.Their names are Mike and Erin Maroney.

2.How tall are her parents?

B.Her mom is 5'2 and her dad is 6'3.Wow that's tall.

3.How many brothers and sisters does she have?

C.She has 1 sister Taryn and 1 brother knave.

4.Where does she go to school at?

D.Well she is home schooled because of how many hours she is in the gym.

5.Has mckayla ever had a injury?

E.Well at visa champion ships she got a miner concussion on floor.At London mckayla broke her toe on vault.

6.what was mckaylas childhood like?

F.Well mckayla liked to play out side alot.Mckaylas parents said she was very energetic.

7.Where any of her parents in sports?

G.Yes her dad was a couter back for the new york giants

8.Mckayla is a artistic gymnast.

9.Where was mckayla born?

I.She was born in long beach california on december 9 1995

10.When did she start gymnastics?

j.She started when she was3 but did not start her perfetional career tell 2009.

11.What is her favorit event:?


12.Whats the history of the team?

l.The team is the first team to win gold sins!!!!!!!!!!!

How intresting is that.Well those are all the facts i have.I hope you enjoyed them.If you want to see some her gymnastics you can go to youtube.Tell next time.