writing portfollio

9th grade english

snake noodling

Have you ever heard of snake noodling if not you might think of it as thrilling , fun.and some might think of it as down right stupid. But some people do it so they can feed there family's

First thing you need to do before going snake noodling is find a big hole In the ground that a big snake might live in.

Second thing you need to do is wrap your arm in protective skin so it won't hurt when the snake bites you.

Last of all you need a light, you get the snake to bite your arm, you drag the snake out of the hole when you get it out you kill the snake and carry it home and feed your family,

Yes it's dangerous but it's what some peoples way of life they do it so theycan eat and feed there family's and not die of starvation and that's what you need to go snake noodling and how you snake noodle

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