Manifest Destiny Project

Americans felt like it was there constitutional right to expand westward and pursue a peaceful lifestyle even though it wasn't always peaceful

The westward expansion started with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  

They believed America was destined to be a great nation.

This painting is called American Progress and it was painted by John Gast. The angel brings new light and opportunity; bringing clarity to the question, "what is upon the border"

The Native Americans were greatly affected when the people were moving in on their land. This was just one of the many hardships the people of the westward expansion had to go through.

It was believed that after being stuck in several feet of snow and having no food left, the pioneers resorted to cannibalism.  In this article, it only shows evidence of them consuming their "cattle, horses, and one pet dog".

The image above shows the important events that happened during westward expansion.

The Manifest Destiny "helped fuel western settlement, Native American removal and war with Mexico".

John L. O'Sullivan coined the phrase "manifest destiny"

The people moved west for land, access, religious freedoms, economic prosperity, and force.

The Oregon trail was used for economic, migration, and military purposes.

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